A set of adjacent technologies to use with MySQL.
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Table of Contents

  1. Prerequisites
  2. How to use
  3. MySQL
  4. Cassandra CCM


this repo

Docker installed (17.09.1-ce)

How to use

You probably don't want to start all of these at once.

Instead, choose the ones you want to spin up, like this:

docker-compose up -d app mysqlprimary mysqlreplica vault proxysql

Run the following to stop:

docker-compose down

Use Kitematic (recommended) or enter an example container like this:

docker exec -it app bash


For a single node of mysql, edit the image line (line 43) as needed for version. The default is currently 5.7. To run 8.0, for example, edit the line to: image: dataindataout/mysql:8.0

Then run a single node from your terminal like: docker-compose up -d mysqlprimary

For two nodes set up as primary-replica, run three containers like:

docker-compose up -d mysqlprimary mysqlreplica ops

Then start mysql replication on the ops container: source initiate_replication.sh mysqlprimary mysqlreplica

Cassandra CCM

CCM allows you to spin up any number of Cassandra nodes on any version.

Here is how you can do it in a container.

docker-compose up -d ccm
docker exec -it ccm bash
ccm/setup.py install
ccm create test -v 3.11.2 -n3 -s --root --debug
ccm status
ccm node1 cqlsh

And now experiment!

MySQL/Vault/ProxySQL/LDAP is now here: https://github.com/parham-pythian/bastion

Cassandra/ELK is now here: https://github.com/parham-pythian/cassandra-elk