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About Us

We are a small group of angel investors based in London investing in early stage technology companies. Collectively we are experienced across product management, finance, recruitment, compliance and marketing.

We are ‘hands-on by default’ investors and look to allocate our time as well as capital to all deals to ensure we can maximize the chance of success for all shareholders. If your looking solely for passive investors then we would not be a good fit.

Portfolio and Exits.

We have invested or exited in the following companies.

Logical Glue -- Exited

Iceberg -- Exited

Weswap -- Invested

NorthRow -- Invested

Livesmart -- Invested

What we look for in a startup


We are currently interested in businesses that are aligned to one or many of the following themes:

Use of machine learning ('narrow AI') to develop new or greatly enhance existing B2B products.

Novel techniques in matching buyers and sellers together in marketplaces.

Products to support the move towards digital health.

<...> As A Service.


Whilst the idea is obviously important we are looking for a founding team that is even greater than the idea itself. We are fully aware that the concept might change (aka pivot) during the early stages so we are looking for traits in the team that give us confidence they can navigate through difficult times as well as demonstrating complimentary skillsets across team memebers. The perfect founding team would be one that combines deep technical prowess, strong business development / sales capabilities along with understanding of how to operationally run a business.

Due Diligence Pack

Its important that you have a due diligence Pack ready to send us if your initial investor presentation got us interested. This should, at the very least, include: Full financials since company incorporation as well as a reasonable forward looking projections based on assumptions, full detail of previous rounds of funding and cap table. If you have it then a term sheet and shareholders agreement would be good but not critical for initial contact.

Contacting us

If you’re looking for investment please contact us if you have a demonstrable product or unique IP that you can explain to us without an NDA. If we are interested, we will contact you back and arrange a meeting. Our preference is face-to-face at your location or somewhere in London.

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