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JaguarDB is NoSQL IoT Database

IoT Data

JaguarDB is highly scalable, fast NoSQL database for Internet of Things (IoT) which handles large volumes of location data and time series data, unifying events data consisting of space and time. With only one query you can find both location data as well as time-series data.

Instant Scaling

In traditional way of horizontal scaling of distributed database systems, data migration is required and may take a LONG time, referred as scaling nightmare. JaguarDB does not require any data migration and scaling to hundreds or thousands nodes can be achieved INSTANTLY which may take only a few seconds. JaguarDB scales the system by adding clusters where each cluster contains a groups of nodes. Other database systems can only add a node one by one. JaguarDB allows you to add hundreds of nodes in one step. This is why JaguarDB can scale with lightning speed. If you use UUID as the key or the first key in a table, querying data with the UUID pinpoits the right cluster and finds the data immediately.

Location Data

JaguarDB is the only database that supports both vector and raster spatial data. Vector spatial shapes include line, square, rectangle, circle, ellipse, triangle, sphere, ellipsoid, cone, cylinder, box, 3D line, 3D square, 3D rectangle, 3D circle, 3D ellipse, and 3D triangle.

Raster spatial shapes include point, multipoint, linestring, multilinestring, polygon, multipolgon, and their 3D counterparts.

Other databases support only one tag at a location, while JaguarDB supports unlimited tags at a location. This can be useful for analyzing complex location-based data and metrics.

Time Series Data

JaguarDB enables fast ingestion of time series data, coupling location-based data. It also can index in both dimensions, space and time. Back-filling time series data is also fast (inserting large volumes of data in past time).

File Storage and Search

You can upload your data files, video files, photo files, or any file to your JaguarDB system. When you upload, you can use attach key words or tags to each file. Then later you will be able to search billions of files using the keywords, or tags in JaguarDB which makes finding the needle in the hay-stack a million times easier.

Source Code

This github account contains the source code for jaguardb server programs. To clone it:

  git clone --depth=1

  DO NOT do: 
  git clone  which gets all history and is VERY slow.

Compiled Binary Package

Go to this web page to download the compiled package: Download JaguarDB Package