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CODEBREAKER! is a Mastermind implementation for the Apple-1 computer (pre-1.0 video demo:

CODEBREAKER! has three levels of difficulty:

Level Slots Colors Attempts Time(s)
Novice 4 6 10 inf.
Pro 5 8 12 inf.
Master 5 8 12 60

What sets CODEBREAKER! apart from all those other Apple-1 titles?

  • A true random number generator! Using cycle counting while waiting for keystrokes generates a very random number. No need for seeds and no cheating possible (unless you hack the code :-).
  • A countdown timer! Using the 960 KHz clock of the Apple-1, CODEBREAKER! can countdown the Master level with sub-second accuracy. If you really want to stress yourself out, play as a Master. You've got 60 seconds or you fail!

Tested Platforms


git clone


Download and extract.

Upload and Run

If your Apple-1 has 8K of contiguous memory starting at location $0000 then use codebreaker.8k.mon or codebreaker.8k.wav.

Load/run with codebreaker.8k.mon:

  1. Hand type (brutal) or cut/paste codebreaker.8k.mon into the Apple-1 monitor and then type 280R.

Load/run with codebreaker.8k.wav:

  1. Load up codebreaker.8k.wav into your audio player.

  2. Type:

  3. Press play.

  4. To run, type:


If your Apple-1 has 8K of memory split into 4K banks at memory locations $0000 and $E000 (classic Apple-1 configuration) then use codebreaker.4+4k.mon or codebreaker.4+4k.wav.

$E000-$EFFF must be writable.

Load/run with codebreaker.4+4k.mon:

  1. Hand type (brutal) or cut/paste codebreaker.4+4k.mon into the Apple-1 monitor and then type 280R.

Load/run with codebreaker.4+4k.wav:

  1. Load up codebreaker.4+4k.wav into your audio player.

  2. Type:

    280.BFFR E000.EFFFR
  3. Press play

  4. To run type:


CFFA Notes

codebreaker.po contains 3 binaries: CODEBREAKER, CODEBREAKER.PT1, CODEBREAKER.PT2.

Use CODEBREAKER with systems that have 8k of contiguous memory starting at $0000.

Use CODEBREAKER.PT1 and .PT2 for split 8k systems ($0000-$0FFF, $E000-$EFFF)--load PT1 before PT2.

In either case type 280R to start.

Build Notes

CODEBREAKER! was written in C with a bit of assembly (keyboard input, timer, and 32-bit random number seed generator). (CODEBREAKER! may be the only Apple-1 title written in C :-).


Contiguous 8K build:

rm codebreaker *.o
ca65 -D CODESEG=0 -t none --listing --list-bytes 100 -o getkey.o getkey.s 
ca65 -D CODESEG=0 -t none --listing --list-bytes 100 -o putchar.o putchar.s 
cl65 -D CODESEG=0 -T -O --static-locals -t apple1 -C apple1-8k.cfg -o codebreaker codebreaker.c getkey.o putchar.o

c2t -l codebreaker codebreaker.8k.mon
c2t -1et -r 48000 codebreaker codebreaker.8k.wav

Non-contiguous 4+4K build:

rm code.1 code.2 *.o 
ca65 -D CODESEG=1 -t none --listing --list-bytes 100 -o getkey.o getkey.s 
ca65 -D CODESEG=1 -t none --listing --list-bytes 100 -o putchar.o putchar.s 
cl65 -D CODESEG=1 -T -O --static-locals -t apple1 -C apple1.cfg -o code.header codebreaker.c getkey.o putchar.o

c2t -l code.1,280 code.2,e000 codebreaker.4+4k.mon
c2t -1et -r 48000 code.1,280 code.2,e000 codebreaker.4+4k.wav

CFFA codebreaker.po build:

applecmd='java -jar /path/to/AppleCommander.jar'

rm codebreaker.po
$applecmd -pro140 codebreaker.po codebreaker
tail -c $(( $(stat -f "%z" codebreaker) - 4 )) codebreaker | $applecmd -p codebreaker.po codebreaker bin 0x0280 bin
$applecmd -p codebreaker.po codebreaker.pt1 bin 0xe000 bin < code.2
$applecmd -p codebreaker.po codebreaker.pt2 bin 0x0280 bin < code.1
$applecmd -ll codebreaker.po 


  • Initial 1.0 release, May 13 2012