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Open-source ecosystem for the science lab that support computational data pipelines built with the DataJoint open-source framework (Python, MATLAB).

Welcome to DataJoint!

DataJoint for Python is an open-source framework for scientific data pipelines based on the relational data model. DataJoint prescribes a consistent method for organizing, populating, computing, and querying data.

In this GitHub Organization, you will find the source code for DataJoint, as well as tutorials and example pipelines.

Data Pipeline Example


Yatsenko et al., bioRxiv 2021

Getting Started


  1. datajoint-python datajoint-python Public

    Relational data pipelines for the science lab

    Python 158 80

  2. datajoint-tutorials datajoint-tutorials Public

    Getting started materials for DataJoint - with Calcium Imaging, Electrophysiology, Machine Learning examples

    Jupyter Notebook 7 89

  3. element-array-ephys element-array-ephys Public

    DataJoint Element for Neuropixels analysis with Kilosort

    Python 3 25

  4. element-calcium-imaging element-calcium-imaging Public

    DataJoint Element for multi-photon calcium imaging analysis with CaImAn, Suite2p, and EXTRACT

    Jupyter Notebook 8 32


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