The main repository for a collaborative text on data journalism.
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Data Journalism

This is the main repository for a collaborative text on data journalism. The goal is to put, in one place, some key modules that could make up a full semester of beginner level data journalism.

Every school and instructor has different goals and requirements for their data journalism work. Some just need a couple of weeks worth of Excel training, while others focus the semester on learning to analyze data using R. Some require students have laptops, others can't require specific software, operating systems or capabilities.

This project isn't meant to supplant other sources, or to incorporate others' work. All of the material in this repo is either used with permission of the author or was created by the author listed on the document.

We welcome pull requests, issues and other contributions. We expect this will be a work in progress, well, forever.

  • Sarah Cohen @sarahcnyt
  • Aron Pilhofer @pilhofer
  • Matt Waite @mattwaite


Most modules contain recommendations for reading, other textbooks and resources, but this list contains some of the more comprehensive teaching materials created in recent years.

Other journalism instructors have made their materials open to the public and encourage their use: