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Examples for collective.zamqp
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This package contains a few examples of configuring and using AMQP-messaging with Plone and collective.zamqp (with or without ZEO-clustering).

After running the buildout, you must start RabbitMQ by:

$ source bin/rabbitmq-env
$ bin/rabbitmq-server

and only then your Plone:

$ bin/instance fg

You can follow the rabbit with login username guest and password guest at:


If you'd like to hack with the examples, you should also try the built-in sauna.reload-support of collective.zamqp with:

$ RELOAD_PATH=src bin/instance fg

This initialize the AMQP-connections only after reload and eases hacking with AMQP message consumers and producers.

Note: If you have tried these demos before and have not cleared your buildout, you might have to reset RabbitMQ by removing ./var/rabbitmq. That's because the demos have been simplified to use AMQP default virtualhost, credentials and exchanges.

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