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T1-weighted in vivo human whole brain MRI dataset with an ultrahigh isotropic resolution of 250 μm

License: CC0-1.0

This data set is supplementary to the ultra high resolution T1-weighted MPRAGE data set with an isotropic resolution of 250 µm. It consists of the source data used to generate the resulting data set by averaging. Each volulme has a native isotropic resolution of 250 µm with a total number of eight volumes. Additionally, a PD-weighted GRE was acquired in the first session. Furthermore, isotropic 1 and 0.5 mm T1-weighted data of the same subject acquired with the same sequence has been included. All data was acquired using prospective motion correction.

In case of the 250 µm data the original motion tracking log is included in plain text. Additionally, the translational displacement in mm and rotation in ° has been extracted and are included as MAT-files for easier data handling. To allow a quick first impression of the magnitude of the motion, motion plots are included in TIFF format.

Detailed information on the experimental setup of the prospective motion correction can be found in Stucht et al. [Highest resolution in vivo human brain MRI using prospective motion corection. PloS one 10, e0133921 (2015)] and for an in-depth explanation of the hardware and validate we refer to Maclaren et al. [Measurement and correction of microscopic head motion during magnetic resonance imaging of the brain. PloS one 7, e48088 (2012)].

The data is structured as follows. In sessions 01 to 05 data with an isotropic resolution of 250 µm were acquired. In session 06 and 07 the 0.5 and 1 mm data was acquired, respectively. Sequence protocols are included in the root directory of each session in PDF format and metadata of each acquisition is included in the sessions folder in JSON format.

In case of any further questions please feel free to contact Falk Luesebrink (falk dot luesebrink at ovgu dot de).

Brief legend for the plain text log files:

Label Description
LT System time
F Frame number
XYZ Marker position in camera coordinates (translation)
Q Marker position in quaternions (rotation)
FT Frame time


One of the world's highest resolution MR brain scans (250 microns)






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