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Minimal implementation of a DataLad extension module


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DataLad extension template

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This repository contains an extension template that can serve as a starting point for implementing a DataLad extension. An extension can provide any number of additional DataLad commands that are automatically included in DataLad's command line and Python API.

For a demo, clone this repository and install the demo extension via

pip install -e .

DataLad will now expose a new command suite with a hello... command.

% datalad --help |grep -B2 -A2 hello
*Demo DataLad command suite*

      Short description of the command

To start implementing your own extension, use this template, and adjust as necessary. A good approach is to

  • Pick a name for the new extension.
  • Look through the sources and replace helloworld with <newname> (hint: git grep helloworld should find all spots).
  • Delete the example command implementation in datalad_helloworld/
  • Implement a new command, and adjust the command_suite in datalad_helloworld/ to point to it.
  • Replace hello_cmd with the name of the new command in datalad_helloworld/tests/ to automatically test whether the new extension installs correctly.
  • Adjust the documentation in docs/source/index.rst. Refer to docs/ for more information on documentation building, testing and publishing.
  • Replace this README, and/or update the links in the badges at the top.
  • Update setup.cfg with appropriate metadata on the new extension.
  • Generate GitHub labels for use by the "Add changelog.d snippet" and "Auto-release on PR merge" workflows by using the code in the datalad/release-action repository as described in its README.

You can consider filling in the provided .zenodo.json file with contributor information and meta data to acknowledge contributors and describe the publication record that is created when you make your code citeable by archiving it using You may also want to consider acknowledging contributors with the allcontributors bot.


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Minimal implementation of a DataLad extension module







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