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DataLad purposefully uses a terminology that is different from the one used by its technological foundations Git and git-annex. This glossary provides definitions for terms used in the datalad documentation and API, and relates them to the corresponding Git/git-annex concepts.

.. glossary::

    A regular Git_ repository with an (optional) :term:`annex`.

    A :term:`dataset` that is part of another dataset, by means of being
    tracked as a Git_ submodule. As such, a subdataset is also a complete
    dataset and not different from a standalone dataset.

    A :term:`dataset` that contains at least one :term:`subdataset`.

    A :term:`dataset` (location) that is related to a particular dataset,
    by sharing content and history. In Git_ terminology, this is a *clone*
    of a dataset that is configured as a *remote*.

    Extension to a Git_ repository, provided and managed by git-annex_ as
    means to track and distribute large (and small) files without having to
    inject them directly into a Git_ repository (which would slow Git
    operations significantly and impair handling of such repositories in