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Working with Illinois Crime Reports

The Illinois State Police releases state-wide crime data in its Uniform Crime Reports (UCRs), but those reports aren't always easy to work with. Most pressingly, the UCRs don't include unique IDs for each police jurisdiction, so it can be a pain to join them with different tables (say, to filter by a list of specific jurisdictions that you're interested in). This repo builds a PostgreSQL database with UCR data for 2014 and 2015, along with comprehensive crosswalks for querying by police jurisdiction.



Mac OS X

Most of these dependencies are installed by default. To get the rest using pip and homebrew:

brew install postgresql
pip install csvkit


Most of these dependencies are installed by default. To get the rest:

sudo apt-get install postgresql
pip install csvkit

Making the database

Start by creating a Postgres database in the command line:

createdb illinois_ucr

Then use make to generate the tables:

make database

Using the database

Once make finishes, take a look at your database by running psql -d illinois_ucr -c "\d". You should see three tables:

                   List of relations
 Schema |         Name          | Type  |    Owner
 public | identifiers_crosswalk | table | <user>
 public | illinois_crosswalk    | table | <user>
 public | ucr_crime             | table | <user>
(3 rows)
  • ucr_crime is the State Police 2014-15 crime report. It includes crimes organized by county as well as by police agency.
  • identifiers_crosswalk is a master directory of police agencies across the United States. It can be filtered for Illinois using the STATENAME variable. (Full documentation of the crosswalk is available in the documentation directory.)
  • illinois_crosswalk is a table that matches agency names between identifiers_crosswalk and ucr_crime. We built it using Dedupe.

Sample query

For an example of using these tables for queries, see scripts/ The query in that script looks something like this:

SELECT (foo, bar, baz)
FROM identifiers_crosswalk
INNER JOIN illinois_crosswalk
LEFT JOIN ucr_crime
USING ("Agency", "County")
AND "FPLACE" = '{}'

Here, $FPLACE represents the jurisdictions we were interested in for one particular project.

Can I see reports for a different year?

Possibly! We retrieve the UCR for 2014-15 in lines 24-26 of the Makefile:

.INTERMEDIATE: CrimeData_15_14.xlsx
CrimeData_15_14.xlsx :

To work with a report from a different year, find its corresponding UCR at the State Police website and try substituting the URL in line 26 before you run make.


Tools for working with Illinois crime reports.




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