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⚖ Youth of all races break the law. Youth of color are more likely to be punished.


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⚖ Justice Divided

Justice Divided is an educational tool and resource repository meant to promote awareness of disproportionate minority contact (DMC), or the overrepresentation of black youth in the juvenile justice system.

Within the system, the first steps toward equitable justice are acknowledging DMC as a problem of race, accepting joint responsibility, and making a deliberate effort to address its root causes.

Outside the system, we can and should demand these changes from policy makers and practitioners.

This website is intended to facilitate all the above.


📊 For data, see the data documentation.

Justice Divided is built using Jekyll, a static site generator that runs on Ruby. If you don't have Ruby installed, we recommend you manage your installation with rbenv or RVM.

Getting started

Once you have the correct Ruby version up and running, install the package manager Bundler:

gem install bundler

Then clone this project and install its dependencies using Bundler:

git clone
cd justice-divided
bundle install

To run the site locally, run the following command:

jekyll serve

Then open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:5000 (or whatever server address Jekyll printed to your console).


We used the following open-source tools:


Justice Divided is a joint effort of Illinois Justice Project, Adler University, Project NIA, and DataMade, with funding from the Polk Bros. Foundation.

The development team is:

Special thanks to Era Laudermilk of ILJP, Dan Cooper of Adler, and Mariame Kaba of Project NIA for contributing data and invaluable feedback during development; Martin Macias, Jr., of City Bureau for contributing reporting; and Precious Blood Ministry of Reconcilation for providing artwork.

Errors and bugs

If something is not behaving intuitively, it is a bug and should be reported. Report it here by creating an issue.

Help us fix the problem as quickly as possible by following Mozilla's guidelines for reporting bugs.

Patches and pull requests

Your patches are welcome. Here's our suggested workflow:

  • Fork the project.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Send us a pull request with a description of your work. Bonus points for topic branches!

Copyright and attribution

Copyright (c) 2017 DataMade. Released under the MIT License.