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Documentation of the Open Civic Data API
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Documentation of the Open Civic Data API. Available on


Read the Docs suggests using Sphinx, a tool to facilitate the generation of nice-looking documentation. Before you install Sphinx, you may want to set-up a virtualized development environment: learn how to set up virtualenv.

Then, run the following in your terminal:

mkvirtualenv ocd-api-documentation
git clone
cd ocd-api-documentation
pip install -r requirements.txt

Afterwards, whenever you want to use this virtual environment, run workon ocd-api-documentation.


You can learn about the process of Sphinx and document creation on the Read the Docs site.

Ready to dive in? Edit the rst files in the docs directory. Then, generate the html by running the Makefile:

cd docs
make html

Then, view your code in a browser:

open _build/html/index.html


  • Forest Gregg, DataMade
  • Regina Compton, DataMade
  • Jack Corrigan
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