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Bulk of the InvaderChron changes are in the Anim.C file.

This is the initial code hack for InvaderChron,
A modification to the MonoChron to display a popular game animation.

Anim.C: Hack & Slash InvaderChron Patch
This is where the animation takes place.
I hacked and slashed a lot of code here.
Probably a lot better methods, but was going for simplicity.
Replace three files and go...

glcd.c: Bug Fix
Modification uses glcdWriteCharGr() function from glcd.c to display invaders marching across the screen.
This function greatly simplified coding, but was initially buggy, so I fixed it.

fontgr.h: Add Font
Modification stores custom font in fontgr.h as was intended by the glcd.c
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1 parent 1fd219c commit 84d57801ce40e45f7ede7c396488e90c3106c927 @dataman committed Mar 4, 2010
Showing with 149 additions and 730 deletions.
  1. +135 −727 firmware/anim.c
  2. +10 −2 firmware/fontgr.h
  3. +4 −1 firmware/glcd.c
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