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The DataMapper Website (was sam/dm-www)
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Merge pull request #49 from codl/patch-1

Fix typo in example for sum
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@namelessjon namelessjon authored
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.compass Convert CSS to Sass
_includes fix github wiki link
_layouts Added a redirect for /doku.php -> /
_posts Fix whiteapace
_sass Fixed margin/padding of highlight divs.
css Put comparison headings in <th>
development Fix whiteapace
docs Fix typo in example for sum
doku.php Moved doku.php to doku.php/index.html to avoid nginx from returning a…
image_sources priming the waters
images Convert site to Jekyll, Markdown
templates Change the after installation instructions to use a more modern start…
.gitignore Added .sass-cache to the gitignore. Converted 404.html into
CNAME Convert site to Jekyll, Markdown Added a small but real README file.
_config.yml Oops, remove this config data. Append .html to links. Append .html to links.
favicon.ico Add Martini favicon Remove duplicate header
index.html Fix whiteapace
news.html Renamed to news.html.
news.rss Port RSS/Atom feed to Jekyll Append .html to links.

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