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DataMapper 1.2.0 released
2011-10-12 18:47:32 -0700
DataMapper 1.2.0 is here!

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I'm pleased to announce that we have released DataMapper 1.2.0.

This release is focused on bug fixes, performance improvements, internal refactoring and Rails 3.1 compatibility. Please give it a try and in case of any issues please report them on Github.


DataMapper can be installed with a one-line command:

$ gem install data_mapper dm-sqlite-adapter

The above command assumes you are using SQLite, but if you plan to use MySQL, PostgreSQL or something else replace dm-sqlite-adapter your preferred adapter gem.


If you're not using Rails then remember to call DataMapper.finalize after loading the models!



  • STI queries no longer include the top-level class name
  • UnderscoredAndPluralizedWithoutLeadingModule naming convention was added
  • belongs_to supports :unique option
  • Validation of property names was improved
  • Resource[] and Resource[]= no longer fail when property name is not known
  • Redundant usage of chainable was removed resulting in a better performance
  • Boolean property typecasting was refactored
  • Various issues with setting default Property options were fixed
  • Resource#attributes= no longer use public_method_defined? - this is a security fix preventing possible DDOS attacks
  • Problems with auto-migrations in multiple repositories were fixed
  • Encoding problems with Binary property are fixed


  • Support for InMemoryAdapter
  • Add COALESCE to default NULL columns to 0
  • Fixed a bug with loading dm-adjust after the dm-do-adapter


  • Total rewrite
  • Fixed for Oracle


  • Warning from DO is gone now


  • alter table is fixed for postgres
  • Property options (such as :length) are now correctly used in migrations
  • Support to specify table options when creating a table was added (for things like db engines in mysql etc.)
  • Fix bug related to migrating custom types derived from builtin types


  • Support for Rails 3.1.0
  • Storage create/drop tasks are by default noops in case an adapter doesn't support it
  • Support for field_naming_convention option
  • Support for resource_naming_convention option
  • You can now set a custom repository scope for the repository in the IdentityMap middleware


  • Should work with psych



  • #valid? is always called even if a resource is not dirty
  • Issues with JRuby and unicode were fixed
  • Massive internal clean-up towards future rewrite that will make validations even more awesome


  • Many bug fixes
  • Important: on MRI it requires ruby-oci8 gem (it's not specified in the gemspec, you need to add it to your gemfiles)
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