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Make destructive nature of auto_migrate! clearer

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@@ -159,19 +159,23 @@ Set up your database tables
{% highlight ruby %}
{% endhighlight %}
-This will issue the necessary `CREATE` statements to define each storage according
-to their properties.
+This will issue the necessary `CREATE` statements (`DROP`ing the table first, if
+it exists) to define each storage according to their properties. After
+`auto_migrate!` has been run, the database should be in a pristine state, reset
+back to the starting state.
-You could also do:
+This can be too extreme, so you could also do:
{% highlight ruby %}
{% endhighlight %}
+This tries to make the schema match the model. It will `CREATE` new tables, and
+add columns to existing tables. It won't change any existing columns though
+(say, to add a NOT NULL constraint) and it doesn't drop any columns. Both these commands
+also can be used on an individual model (e.g. `Post.auto_migrate!`)

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