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Suggest `gem install data_mapper` in "Getting Started"

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@@ -23,32 +23,34 @@ Install DataMapper
If you have RubyGems installed, pop open your console and install a few things.
{% highlight ruby %}
-gem install dm-core
+gem install data_mapper
{% endhighlight %}
+This will install the following, most commonly used DataMapper gems.
+* [dm-core](
+* [dm-aggregates](
+* [dm-constraints](
+* [dm-migrations](
+* [dm-transactions](
+* [dm-serializer](
+* [dm-timestamps](
+* [dm-validations](
+* [dm-types](
If you are planning on using DataMapper with a database, install a database
driver from the DataObjects project: (Substitute `dm-sqlite-adapter` with `dm-postgres-adapter` or `dm-mysql-adapter` depending on your preferences)
{% highlight ruby %}
gem install dm-sqlite-adapter
{% endhighlight %}
-If you want DataMapper to be able to create the underlying storage for you (i.e.
-the tables in an RDBMS), you will also have to install the `dm-migrations` gem.
-{% highlight ruby %}
-gem install dm-migrations
-{% endhighlight %}
-You can find more information about using `dm-migrations` further down that page.
Require it in your application
{% highlight ruby %}
require 'rubygems'
-require 'dm-core'
+require 'data_mapper' # requires all the gems listed above
{% endhighlight %}
Specify your database connection
@@ -209,7 +211,11 @@ Set up your database tables
Relational Databases work with pre-defined tables. To be able to create the tables in the
-underlying storage, you need to require `dm-migrations` first.
+underlying storage, you need to have `dm-migrations` available on your load path.
+If you've been following this instructions and did `require 'data_mapper'`,
+you can safely skip the following require statement as it has already
+been done for you.
{% highlight ruby %}
require 'dm-migrations'

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