Saving left 0 padded strings (e.g. "030") as integers cause saving to fail silently #228

endoscient opened this Issue Oct 1, 2012 · 4 comments

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class Foo
  include DataMapper::Resource  
  property :id, Serial
  property :number, Integer

f ={ :number => "030" })
f.valid? # true # false
f.errors # {}

Using latest released version of everything, with sqlite adpator.

Solution. Either have it return a validation error, or parse the string to an integer.


I am still having this error. is there a solution?

DataMapper member

The pull request was closed. I assume it was merged into release-1.2, but it does not appear in master. I'm not sure what happened to the release-1.2 branch, it's also not in the v1.2.0 tag.

If this is something you'd still like, I'll accept a PR against master. Thanks!

@tpitale tpitale closed this Feb 14, 2016

Hey. It wasn't merged because I did not provide any specs. I do not work with data mapper anymore. The bug still exists though and is severe. Not saving but returning success is dangerous

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