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Datamapper & connection pool logic #232

kapso opened this Issue · 4 comments

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So I am trying to use datamapper inside my Rails 3.2.8 app.

I have a config/initializers/dm.rb where I load the database.yml

hash = YAML.load("database.yml"))
DataMapper.setup(:default, hash[Rails.env])

I have a pool property set in the database.yml file, but I noticed that datamapper does not use that. It has this magic number 8 which it uses, where is this number coming from? And how can I configure pool settings for datamapper.


Can you post the database.yml with credentials stripped?


was this ever figured out? How do you set the datamapper pool size in the settings?


I found the code, but is the pool size and number of threads passed in via the database.yml file? IE is there pool: 100 setting?

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