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How to deal with case sensitivity varying depending on rdbms used? #237

crantok opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Justin Hellings
Justin Hellings

I just experienced a behaviour difference between my development and staging apps and would like to know whether I can change this.

I am (probably inadvisedly) using different rdbms on development (sqlite) and staging (mysql). Retrieving a row using the following code

User.first( login: params[:to] )

where login is a string, returned nil with sqlite and a valid User object with mysql. In both cases, the search string params[:to] was incorrectly cased.

Is there any way to

  • specifiy case-sensitivity at comparison, or
  • specify case-sensitivity at table creation, or
  • specify case-sensitivity globally?

I saw issue #97 but as that was two years ago so I thought I'd just check.

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