Remove jeweler dev dep and cleaned up gemspec/gemfile #156

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I was going to create that branch in my fork dooh...anyway, here it is - dm-core with a clean gemspec and no jeweler as a development dependency.

Let me know if there's anything super useful that jeweler is giving us :)

DataMapper member

I must admit I like the reduction in code. Let me see what rake tasks I use, and if I can use something equivalent or if we'll need to add those tasks back into tasks/. If it turns out a lot of tasks will need to be copied into each project and maintained, I may veto this change, but I want to see if there's an overall improvement to justify it.

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@dkubb please also note that jeweler assumes you want to make a release from master branch, which means that rake release checks out master (it's not configurable in any way) - this makes it useless if you want to push a release from a maintenance branch (release-1.2 at the moment).

We could try using gem-release as a drop-in replacement for rake release.


+1. Jeweler doesn't really seem necessary (adds complexity, if anything).

@solnic solnic merged commit 3a2a331 into master Oct 28, 2011
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