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Builtin adapters

None – install your adapter with:

gem install dm-sqlite-adapter

If you are planning on using DataMapper with a database, install a database driver from the DataObjects project.

Others include:

  • dm-sqlite-adapter
  • dm-postgres-adapter
  • dm-mysql-adapter
  • dm-yaml-adapter
  • dm-in-memory-adapter
  • dm-ferret-adapter
  • dm-rest-adapter

Community provided adapters

name compatible versions description
appengine-jruby >=0.10.0 Currently it supports all of DataMapper’s built in types. Support for transactions, entity groups, and more types are in progress.
dm-datastore_adapter 0.9 This is a DataMapper adapter to DataStore of Google App Engine.
dm-echo-adapter unknown Wraps another adapter, and prints the args and return values to STDOUT
dm-fql-adapter >=0.10.0 DataMapper adapter for Facebook via FQL
dm-gdata-adapters >=0.10.0 A set of DataMapper adapters for Google Data API
dm_github_adapter unknown A quick Github Datamapper adapter using the new dm-next adapter syntax.
dm-gvideo-adapter unknown DataMapper adapter for google video
dm-imap-adapter unknown An IMAP adapter for DataMapper. Supports reading, writing, updating… the whole works.
dm-isbndb-adapter unknown A DataMapper adapter for isbndb
dm-jdbc-adapter unknown JDBC Adapter for DM
dm-mongo-adapter >=0.10.0 DataMapper MongoDB Adapter
dm-ldap-adapter 0.9 ldap-adapter for datamapper
dm-ldap-adapter unknown New style LDAP Adapter for Datamapper
dm-openedge-adapter >=0.10.2 DataMapper adapter for Progress OpenEdge databases. Requires JRuby due to JDBC driver dependency.
dm-persevere-adapter >=0.10.0 Datamapper adapter for persevere datastore.
dm-rdf-adapter >=0.10.0 DataMapper adapter for RDF storage systems.
dm-redis-adapter unknown A DataMapper adapter for redis
dm-riak-adapter unknown DataMapper adapter for Riak
dm-rinda-adapter >=0.10.2 DataMapper adapter for the rinda tuplespace
dm-s3-adapter unknown An adapter for using Amazon’s S3 with DataMapper
dm-salesforce unknown SalesForce Adapter
dm-adapter-simpledb unknown A DataMapper adapter for SimpleDB
dm-sphinx-adapter 0.9 A Sphinx DataMapper adapter.
dm-ssbe-adapter unknown An adapter for the SystemShepherd flavor of REST
dm-tokyo-adapter >=1.0.2 Tokyo Cabinet/Tyrant Table Store DataMapper Adapters
dm-tokyo-cabinet-adapter unknown DataMapper Tokyo Cabinet TDB (table store) Adapter.
dm-tokyo-tyrant-adapter >=0.10.0 An adapter for the TokyoTyrant network interface on the TokyoCabinet database engine
dm-waztables-adapter >=0.10.0 Windows Azure Tables Adapter
dm-sqlserver-adapter An adapter for Microsoft SQL Server