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Fixed Persisted Updating through #{singular}_list= (currently does not update frozen_{singular}_list) #6

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The problem is that updating with 'tag_list=' does not reflect changes onto @frozen_tag_list, and therefore the updated list never gets properly persisted in the database (which has a frozen_tag_list field).

model.tag_list = 'test, me out, please '
model.tag_list #=> ['me out', 'please', 'test'] # Sanitized and alphabetized #=> true

model.tag_list = 'test, again' #=> true

# But if we pull it back from storage, the update is lost.
model = MyModel.get(
model.tag_list #=> ['me out', 'please', 'test'] # NOT UPDATED TO ['test', 'again']

Simply called 'update_#{collection}' at the end of '#{singular}_list=' to handle this.

This was a problem I had with 1.0.2 and older, so it may be resolved now.

@bitstrider bitstrider Fixed update: tag_list= method calls update_tags to update @frozen_ta…
…g_list (tags-only example; works for user defined context)
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