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require 'dm-core'
require 'uuidtools' # must be ~>2.0
module DataMapper
class Property
# UUID Type
# First run at this, because I need it. A few caveats:
# * Only works on postgres, using the built-in native uuid type.
# To make it work in mysql, you'll have to add a typemap entry to
# the mysql_adapter. I think. I don't have mysql handy, so I'm
# not going to try. For SQLite, this will have to inherit from the
# String primitive
# * Won't accept a random default, because of the namespace clash
# between this and the UUIDtools gem. Also can't set the default
# type to UUID() (postgres-contrib's native generator) and
# automigrate, because auto_migrate! tries to make it a string "UUID()"
# Feel free to enchance this, and delete these caveats when they're fixed.
# -- Rando Sept 25, 08
# Actually, setting the primitive to "UUID" is not neccessary and causes
# a segfault when trying to query uuid's from the database. The primitive
# should be a class which has been added to the do driver you are using.
# Also, it's only neccessary to add a class to the do drivers to use as a
# primitive when a value cannot be represented as a string. A uuid can be
# represented as a string, so setting the primitive to String ensures that
# the value argument is a String containing the uuid in string form.
# <strike>It is still neccessary to add the UUID entry to the type map for
# each different adapter with their respective database primitive.</strike>
# The method that generates the SQL schema from the typemap currently
# ignores the size attribute from the type map if the primitive type
# is String. The causes the generated SQL statement to contain a size for
# a UUID column (e.g. id UUID(50)), which causes a syntax error in postgres.
# Until this is resolved, you will have to manually change the column type
# to UUID in a migration, if you want to use postgres' built in UUID type.
# -- benburkert Nov 15, 08
class UUID < String
load_as UUIDTools::UUID
length 36
def dump(value)
value.to_s unless value.nil?
def load(value)
if value_loaded?(value)
elsif !value.nil?
def typecast(value)
return if value.nil?