Uniqueness check should only be skipped if the field is blank #61

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Default behaviour for the uniqueness validator is to skip over a field if it is allowed to be blank or nil. It should only skip those fields if they are also set to blank, otherwise uniqueness errors can occur. Attached is a fix and an updated spec.

@dkubb dkubb closed this Apr 3, 2015

@dkubb Wondering if there's any specific reason if this was closed? I'd be willing to fix any merge issues if you still would like the PR :)

DataMapper member

@pnomolos it was probably closed because the release-1.2 branch was removed. I didn't intentionally set out to close this PR.

If you want to reopen a PR against the master branch we can look at testing it and merging it in. One requirement is that the build continue to pass (or if it is failing, not for there to be a regression where more tests fail than before). We'll have all the builds passing shortly that aren't.

The main reason for the release-1.2 branch removal was simply because we wanted to get all dev being done against the master branch and not fragment development further.

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