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0.10.14 2014-02-13

  • Don't do DNS lookup in transaction loading

0.10.13 2013-05-27

No changes

0.10.12 2013-01-21

  • Loading fixes for jdbc-* driver changes

0.10.11 2012-12-29

No changes

0.10.10 2012-10-11

  • Improve performance
  • Add reconnect handling when server disconnected

0.10.9 2012-08-13

  • Improve RETURNING handling
  • Add support for JRuby 1.7

0.10.7 2011-10-13

No changes

0.10.6 2011-05-22

No changes

0.10.5 2011-05-03

No changes

0.10.4 2011-04-28

New features

  • Add save point to transactions (all)
  • JRuby 1.9 mode support (encodings etc.)


  • Fix bug when using nested transactions in concurrent scenarios (all)
  • Use column aliases instead of names (jruby)


  • Switch back to RSpec

0.10.3 2011-01-30

  • No changes

0.10.2 2010-05-19

  • Remove Object handling

0.10.1 2010-01-08

  • Switch to Jeweler for Gem building tasks (this change may be temporary).
  • Switch to the newly added rake-compiler JavaExtensionTask for compiling JRuby extensions, instead of our (broken) home-grown solution.

Changes (in detail)

  • Use recursive RubyType#getRubyType for inference (Alex Coles) (commit 046c703)
  • Revert "Added support for subclasses of supported types" (Alex Coles) (commit 8e64ca1)
  • fixed situation where types for reader are a subclass of one the allowed types. added spec. (mkristian) (commit 67e3ef9)
  • Added support for subclasses of supported types (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit 59923d1)
  • Removed unnecessary wildcard boundation (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit 880c823)
  • Closed resources that were not being closed when exceptional situations occures (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit da06fe8)
  • Added helper method for closing both RS and ST object in one method (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit b43708f)
  • StringUtil prevented from instantiating (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit 016ed27)
  • Changed StringBuffer to StringBuilder where synchronization is not needed (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit 78cbc98)
  • Closed not closed PS object (Closing moved to Reader) (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit 604218e)
  • Updated Maven's configuration files (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit 137efd5)
  • Added maven-pmd-plugin to pom.xml (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit bdd96e4)
  • Revert "Always downcase field names" (Alex Coles) (commit 94c5936)
  • return false on close if the Reader is already closed (mkristian) (commit ded1f9a)
  • Remove merge conflict artefacts (Alex Coles) (commit 4e6efca)
  • more optimisations: * setting array/list size where possible * avoiding object creation * precompute TRUE,FALSE,NIL and reuse them * switched one more ivar to java instance variable * replace getter/setter with direct field invocation * removed some precondition check and merge two methods (mkristian) (commit 0336dc3)
  • Fix broken logic for type inference in Command (Alex Coles) (commit 8617aae)
  • Refactoring to use Java fields not ivars (Alex Coles) (commit cfe59f4)
  • Removed deprecated code (i.e. java.sql.Date#getHours()) (Piotr Gęga (pietia)) (commit ee4f9e0)
  • Removed ability to instantiate DataObjects (Piotr Gęga (pietia)) (commit 8b91539)
  • extracted JDBC URI generation as driver getJdbcUri method which is overridden for Oracle driver (Raimonds Simanovskis) (commit 3f32c3b)
  • Add comment - RS.close() not needed (Piotr Gęga (pietia)) (commit 56d9a75)
  • Code cleanups (Unused imports,unused ++, Forgot @param) (Piotr Gęga (pietia)) (commit 8861643)
  • Close UnmarshalStream object (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit 90a59c2)
  • Javadoc starter step (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit 1204f7d)
  • Removed Javadoc @params for non-existent methods' parameters (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit 7b4560f)
  • Fix Typo(Unneeded invocation on object that may be a null) (Piotr Gega (pietia)) (commit 9f45f88)
  • Extlib Removal: Object to DO#full_const_get (Alex Coles) (commit 8cc2da4)
  • Fix missed usage of ivar in Transaction (Alex Coles) (commit 847263f)
  • Always downcase field names (Alex Coles) (commit 060e778)
  • Fix for JRuby 1.4RCx: ivars/Java objects (Alex Coles) (commit 34a091e)
  • Fix unquoted path in Rake compile task (Alex Coles) (commit 176926b)
  • Remove unwanted cast (Alex Coles) (commit 3fa36c0)
  • Teach To The Test: JRuby/MRI Fixnums (Alex Coles) (commit 677211f)
  • Fix for large Bignum args (Alex Coles) (commit 37c95cd)
  • Handle user/password defaults (Alex Coles) (commit ea9109d)
  • Fix path handling when connecting with a URI (Peter Brant) (commit 2d7b1ae)

0.10.0 2009-09-15

First release of DataObjects' comprehensive support for JRuby that should be suitable for widespread testing.

Please also read the accompanying release notes for individual drivers.


  • Since the test gem was released, substantial work has been done to . Parti to Raimonds Simanovskis (rsim) and Kristian Meier (mkristian) for substantial patches.

Known Issues

0.9.12 2009-05-17

  • Initial testing version released
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