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An OpenEdge driver for DataObjects.


This driver implements the DataObjects API for the Progress OpenEdge relational database. This driver is currently provided only for JRuby.

Known Issues

  • BLOB/CLOB fields cannot be used as predicates or arithmetic/comparison operators. In other words, you cannot query rows based on their value. You will have to query the rows using a different column value (there is no issue doing reads or writes with BLOB/CLOB fields). See ProKB P91964 for more info.
  • The 10.2B JDBC driver causes DECIMAL/NUMERIC SQL types to round up to the nearest integer and then truncate all digits after the decimal point. According to ProKB P187898, it appears to be a regression bug in the JDBC driver.


An example of usage:

@connection ="openedge://localhost:4000/sports2000")
@reader = @connection.create_command('SELECT * FROM State').execute_reader!

The Connection constructor should be passed either a DataObjects-style URI or JDBC-style URI:


Note that the DataDirect proprietary-style JDBC URI tokenized with ;s:


is not supported.


  • JRuby 1.3.1 + (1.4+ recommended)
  • data_objects gem
  • do_jdbc gem (shared library)


To install the gem:

jruby -S gem install do_openedge

To compile and install from source:

  • Install the Java Development Kit (provided if you are on a recent version of Mac OS X) from
  • Install a recent version of JRuby. Ensure jruby is in your PATH and/or you have configured the JRUBY_HOME environment variable to point to your JRuby installation.
  • Install data_objects and do_jdbc with jruby -S rake install.
  • Install this driver with jruby -S rake install.


Follow the above installation instructions. Additionally, you'll need:

  • rspec gem for running specs.
  • YARD gem for generating documentation.

See the DataObjects wiki for more comprehensive information:

To run specs:

jruby -S rake spec

To run specs without compiling extensions first:

jruby -S rake spec_no_compile

To run individual specs:

jruby -S rake spec SPEC=spec/connection_spec.rb

Spec data setup

The specs require an empty database to use for running tests against (the database will be written/read from by the tests). Here are some commands to be ran from proenv to create an empty database that can be used for testing (note the use of UTF-8, which is required for proper multibyte string support):

prodb test empty
proutil test -C convchar convert utf-8
proserve test -S 4000


This code is licensed under an MIT License. Please see the accompanying LICENSE file.