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A Microsoft SQL Server adapter for DataObjects,


This driver implements the DataObjects API for the Microsoft SQL Server relational database.

Problems with MRI implementation (unreleased):

  • Relies on DBI's support for either ADO or ODBC with FreeTDS
  • Has no tests and no data type conversion yet


Examples of usage:

# default port (using SQL Server Express Edition)'sqlserver://user:pass@host/database;instance=SQLEXPRESS')
# port specified (using SQL Server Express Edition)'sqlserver://user:pass@host:1433/database;instance=SQLEXPRESS')

@connection ="sqlserver://john:p3$$@localhost:1433/userinfo")
@reader = @connection.create_command('SELECT * FROM users').execute_reader!
  • See also the accompanying CONNECTING.markdown.


This driver is provided for the following platforms:

  • JRuby 1.3.1 + (1.4+ recommended).

Code for the following platform is in the repository, but is still under EARLY DEVELOPMENT and is neither RELEASED or SUPPORTED:

  • Ruby MRI (1.8.6/7), 1.9: tested on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

Additionally you should have the following prerequisites:

  • data_objects gem
  • do_jdbc gem (shared library), if running on JRuby.
  • dbi gem, if running on MRI.
  • On non-Windows platforms, unixODBC and FreeTDS libraries.


To install the gem:

gem install do_sqlserver

To compile and install from source:

  • For MRI:

  • Installation of do_sqlserver is significantly more involved than for other drivers. Please see the accompanying INSTALL.markdown.

  • For JRuby extensions:

    • Install the Java Development Kit (provided if you are on a recent version of Mac OS X) from
    • Install a recent version of JRuby. Ensure jruby is in your PATH and/or you have configured the JRUBY_HOME environment variable to point to your JRuby installation.
    • Install data_objects and do_jdbc with jruby -S rake install.
  • Then, install this driver with (jruby -S) rake install.


sudo gem install do_sqlserver

For more information, see the SQL Server driver wiki page:


Follow the above installation instructions. Additionally, you'll need:

  • rspec gem for running specs.
  • YARD gem for generating documentation.

See the DataObjects wiki for more comprehensive information on installing and contributing to the JRuby-variant of this driver:

To run specs:

rake spec

To run specs without compiling extensions first:

rake spec_no_compile

To run individual specs:

rake spec SPEC=spec/connection_spec.rb


This code is licensed under an MIT (X11) License. Please see the accompanying LICENSE file.