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2012-17.Pune Map_76_ward_final.jpg

Maps of Pune Municipal Corporation

Site version | Repo directory

Electoral Wards/Prabhags


Found on Google My Maps : it showed up in list of related maps when seeing something else. Creator/uploader unknown, but the boundaries match up with a previously obtained map image. References:


Scraped from Shelter Associates NGO website, later some corrections manually done by Nikhil VJ where an area Kothrud region was erroneously in the wrong ward. Visually verified by comparing with official wards PDF on official PMC website, (original link expired since change of wards in 2017). Metadata contains elected corporator and party information, compiled and shared by CEE Pune. References:


Manually created by Nikhil VJ from Datameet Pune chapter in QGIS by tracing over geo-referenced raster PDF published on official PMC website . Metadata contains elected corporator and party information and ward names, compiled and shared by CEE Pune. References:

Admin Wards


The dataset is created by the Pune chapter of the DataMeet Trust, Bangalore, India, and is shared under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 India license.

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