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Welcome to the wiki!

We'll be using this space to document the projects we do.

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Projects listing:



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MSRTC data

Maps, Administrative

GIS for Community Forest Management

Rural Roads Mapping Activity

Maharashtra Villages mapping

Pune Wards, Elections

Pune Budget data

Pune Development Plan

Exploring GIS data for India

Adding Indian place names to Spellcheck Dictionaries

Water, Weather

Open Water Data Portal

Creating weather map for Pune and other places

Water Cup 2017 participating villages

Rainfall Data

Weather data

Programming Projects

For creating apps/scripts/tools (across topics)

Budget data visualizer

GTFS Feed creator (same as linked under PMPML topic)

Match the Following

Table Un-Pivot

Crowdsourcing Map-based data

DIY Map Choropleth Plotter

Find shape from lat-long, web-based

Legacy Devnagri to Unicode font converter for formatted documents like word, spreadsheet, presentation

Synchronized Map browsing

Live location tracking

Mapbox API plugin for wordpress

Projects with CEE Pune (Centre for Environment Education)

Participatory Budget submissions management system

Nature Trail location-based discovery application

Pune Cycle Plan

Improve upon existing projects / replicate them for applying at our end

Tabula: split PDF into table cells and OCR them

Bangmandu: Clone it. See technical explanation here.

Useful tools, resources online

Useful software, online platforms

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