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planemad and devdattaT More complete India boundary datasets (#30)
* Update README.md

More details for the OSM boundaries

* Add files via upload

Add cc-0 composite borders using lsib and natural earth

* Add files via upload

Add shapes for PoK and Shaksgam Valley

* Add files via upload

Add dissolved country border from SoI/Census

* Rename Country/pok-alhasan.geojson to Country/disputed/pok-alhasan.geojson

* Rename Country/pok-districts-alhasan.geojson to Country/disputed/pok-districts-alhasan.geojson

* Rename Country/shaksgam-ne.geojson to Country/disputed/shaksgam-ne.geojson

* Add files via upload

* Update README.md

* Delete india-lsib.geojson

Superseded by composite file
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Repository for all spatial data.

For details go to our project site at http://projects.datameet.org/maps/

Note on Format

This Repository contains Geospatial Data in Shapefile Format, which is the defacto format for most GIS software.

In case you want this data in GeoJSON or KML, or any one of the myrid Vector formats, you could use Gdal's ogr2ogr tool to convert these shapefiles to your prefered format. This can be done by the following commands:

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON <output name>.geojson <input name>.shp &

ogr2ogr -f KML <output name>.kml <input name>.shp &

ogr2ogr -f LIBKML <output name>.kmz <input name>.shp

If you wish to convert these fiels using an Online too, you could look at: MapSharper; Do remeber to Zip up all the Files (*.shp, *.dbf, *.shx, *.prj) and import that into MapSharper. That way, you will get all attributes in the converted file.


Unless otherwise states, this dataset is shared under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 India license.