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import time
from copy import deepcopy
from autokeras.custom_queue import Queue
from autokeras.bayesian import contain, SearchTree
from autokeras.net_transformer import transform
from import Searcher
class GreedyOptimizer:
def __init__(self, searcher, metric):
self.searcher = searcher
self.metric = metric
def generate(self, descriptors, timeout, sync_message):
"""Generate new neighbor architectures from the best model.
descriptors: All the searched neural architectures.
timeout: An integer. The time limit in seconds.
sync_message: the Queue for multiprocessing return value.
out: A list of 2-elements tuple. Each tuple contains
an instance of Graph, a morphed neural network with weights
and the father node id in the search tree.
out = []
start_time = time.time()
descriptors = deepcopy(descriptors)
if isinstance(sync_message, Queue) and sync_message.qsize() != 0:
return out
model_id = self.searcher.get_neighbour_best_model_id()
graph = self.searcher.load_model_by_id(model_id)
father_id = model_id
for temp_graph in transform(graph):
if contain(descriptors, temp_graph.extract_descriptor()):
out.append((deepcopy(temp_graph), father_id))
remaining_time = timeout - (time.time() - start_time)
if remaining_time < 0:
raise TimeoutError
return out
class GreedySearcher(Searcher):
""" Class to search for neural architectures using Greedy search strategy.
optimizer: An instance of BayesianOptimizer.
def __init__(self, n_output_node, input_shape, path, metric, loss, generators, verbose,
super(GreedySearcher, self).__init__(n_output_node, input_shape,
path, metric, loss, generators,
verbose, trainer_args, default_model_len,
self.optimizer = GreedyOptimizer(self, metric)
def generate(self, multiprocessing_queue):
"""Generate the next neural architecture.
multiprocessing_queue: the Queue for multiprocessing return value.
pass into the search algorithm for synchronizing
results: A list of 2-element tuples. Each tuple contains an instance of Graph,
and anything to be saved in the training queue together with the architecture
remaining_time = self._timeout - time.time()
results = self.optimizer.generate(self.descriptors, remaining_time,
if not results:
new_father_id = 0
generated_graph = self.generators[0](self.n_classes, self.input_shape). \
generate(self.default_model_len, self.default_model_width)
results.append((generated_graph, new_father_id))
return results
def update(self, other_info, model_id, graph, metric_value):
def load_neighbour_best_model(self):
return self.load_model_by_id(self.get_neighbour_best_model_id())
def get_neighbour_best_model_id(self):
if self.metric.higher_better():
return max(self.neighbour_history, key=lambda x: x['metric_value'])['model_id']
return min(self.neighbour_history, key=lambda x: x['metric_value'])['model_id']
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