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import itertools
from autokeras.constant import Constant
from import Searcher
def assert_search_space(search_space):
grid = search_space
value_list = []
if Constant.LENGTH_DIM not in list(grid.keys()):
print('No length dimension found in search Space. Using default values')
elif not isinstance(grid[Constant.LENGTH_DIM][0], int):
print('Converting String to integers. Next time please make sure to enter integer values for Length Dimension')
grid[Constant.LENGTH_DIM] = list(map(int, grid[Constant.LENGTH_DIM]))
if Constant.WIDTH_DIM not in list(grid.keys()):
print('No width dimension found in search Space. Using default values')
grid[Constant.WIDTH_DIM] = Constant.DEFAULT_WIDTH_SEARCH
elif not isinstance(grid[Constant.WIDTH_DIM][0], int):
print('Converting String to integers. Next time please make sure to enter integer values for Width Dimension')
grid[Constant.WIDTH_DIM] = list(map(int, grid[Constant.WIDTH_DIM]))
grid_key_list = list(grid.keys())
for key in grid_key_list:
dimension = list(itertools.product(*value_list))
# print(dimension)
return grid, dimension
class GridSearcher(Searcher):
""" Class to search for neural architectures using Greedy search strategy.
search_space: A dictionary. Specifies the search dimensions and their possible values
def __init__(self, n_output_node, input_shape, path, metric, loss, generators, verbose, search_space={},
trainer_args=None, default_model_len=None, default_model_width=None):
super(GridSearcher, self).__init__(n_output_node, input_shape, path, metric, loss, generators, verbose,
trainer_args, default_model_len, default_model_width)
self.search_space, self.search_dimensions = assert_search_space(search_space)
self.search_space_counter = 0
def get_search_dimensions(self):
return self.search_dimensions
def search_space_exhausted(self):
""" Check if Grid search has exhausted the search space """
if self.search_space_counter == len(self.search_dimensions):
return True
return False
def search(self, train_data, test_data, timeout=60 * 60 * 24):
"""Run the search loop of training, generating and updating once.
Call the base class implementation for search with
train_data: An instance of DataLoader.
test_data: An instance of Dataloader.
timeout: An integer, time limit in seconds.
if self.search_space_exhausted():
super().search(train_data, test_data, timeout)
def update(self, other_info, model_id, graph, metric_value):
def generate(self, multiprocessing_queue):
"""Generate the next neural architecture.
multiprocessing_queue: the Queue for multiprocessing return value.
list of 2-element tuples: generated_graph and other_info,
for grid searcher the length of list is 1.
generated_graph: An instance of Graph.
other_info: Always 0.
grid = self.get_grid()
self.search_space_counter += 1
generated_graph = self.generators[0](self.n_classes, self.input_shape). \
generate(grid[Constant.LENGTH_DIM], grid[Constant.WIDTH_DIM])
return [(generated_graph, 0)]
def get_grid(self):
""" Return the next grid to be searched """
if self.search_space_counter < len(self.search_dimensions):
return self.search_dimensions[self.search_space_counter]
return None
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