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Contibuting Guide

Contribution to this project is greatly appreciated! If you find any bugs or have any feedback, please create an issue or send a pull request to fix the bug. If you want to contribute codes for new features, please contact or We currently have several plans. Please create an issue or contact us through emails if you have other suggestions.


  • Game Specific Configurations. Now we plan to gradually support game specific configurations. Currently we only support specifying the number of players in Blackjack
  • Rule-based Agent and Pre-trained Models. Provide more rule-based agents and pre-trained models to benchmark the evaluation. We currently have several models in /models.
  • More Games and Algorithms. Develop more games and algorithms.
  • Hyperparameter Search Search hyperparameters for each environment and update the best one in the example.

How to Create a Pull Request

If this your first time to contribute to a project, kindly follow the following instructions. You may find Creating a pull request helpful. Mainly, you need to take the following steps to send a pull request:

  • Click Fork in the upper-right corner of the project main page to create a new branch in your local Github.
  • Clone the repo from your local repo in your Github.
  • Make changes in your computer.
  • Commit and push your local changes to your local repo.
  • Send a pull request to merge your local branch to the branches in RLCard project.

Testing Your Code

We strongly encourage you to write the testing code in parallel with your development. We use unittest in RLCard. An example is Blackjack environment testing.

Making Configurable Environments

We take Blackjack as an Example to show how we can define game specific configurations in RLCard. The key points are highlighted as follows:

  • We add a DEFAULT_GAME_CONFIG in Blackjack Env to define the default values of the game configurations. Each field should start with game_
  • Modify the game and environment according to the configurations. For example, we need to support multiple players in Blackjack.
  • Modify Env to add your game to the supported_envs
  • When making the environment, we pass the newly defined fields in config. For example, we pass config={'game_player_num': 2} for Blackjack.