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User Profiles

Configuring Profiles

Users have the option to create a YAML with their datastore connections and other configuration options. See datamode.yml.sample for an example.

Datamode will look for datamode.yml in this order:

  • the environment variable DATAMODE_CONFIG_DIR
  • the current Python working directory
  • ~/.datamode/datamode.yml

The top-level identifier of datastore connections should be connections followed by your connection names and configuration details. For example:

    type: psql
    host: localhost
    port: 5432
    user: dev_user
    dbname: science
    default: True

Enabling default: True to this connection will allow me to Source/Sink data without having to pass the conn_name. Users can still pass additional parameters via conn_config to Source/Sink functions to supplement parameters in the YAML (e.g. - conn_config = {'password': 'mypass123'}). This is particularly useful if you do not want to store sensitive credentials in the YAML itself.

Usage Data

We want to make Datamode an amazing experience for you. To do that, it's important for us to understand how Datamode is being used. So, we collect anonymous usage information to help us improve. You can see the data that we collect in src/datamode/utils/ and $HOME/.datamode/ We also track UI usage via Segment.

We never track credentials or any of your data.

You can disable this telemetry by modifying your datamode.yml profile as shown below. But, please consider leaving it on because it benefits both us and you.