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Support for DataNucleus persistence using the JPA API (JSR0220, JSR0317, JSR0338).
JPA "persistence provider" is org.datanucleus.api.jpa.PersistenceProviderImpl.
JPA EntityManagerFactory is implemented by org.datanucleus.api.jpa.JPAEntityManagerFactory.
JPA EntityManager is implemented by org.datanucleus.api.jpa.JPAEntityManager.
JPA Query is implemented by org.datanucleus.api.jpa.JPAQuery.
JPA EntityTransaction is implemented by org.datanucleus.api.jpa.JPAEntityTransaction.

This is built using Maven, by executing mvn clean install which installs the built jar in your local Maven repository.

Please note that JPA effectively ends at JPA 2.2, and is continued by Jakarta Persistence v3.0. We support that through associated plugins for the jakarta.persistence API, DataNucleus support for the API, as well as associated samples.


License : Apache 2 licensed
Issue Tracker :
Javadocs : 6.0, 5.2, 5.1, 5.0, 4.1, 4.0
Download : Maven Central
Dependencies : See file pom.xml
Support : DataNucleus Support Page

JPA Next Status

The JPA "expert group" is seemingly dead, only providing very minimal things in v2.2 (with Oracle dictating to people this is all you will get), with no plan beyond that. They do, however, provide an issue tracker for people to raise issues of what they would like to see in the "next" release of JPA (if/when it ever happens). DataNucleus, not being content to wait for hell to freeze over, has gone ahead and worked on the following issues. All of these are embodied in our "JPA 2.2" offering (DN 5.1+).

jpa-spec-25 : access the JPQL string query and native query from a JPA Query object. Done
jpa-spec-30 : case sensitive JPQL queries. Not implemented but would simply need JDOQL semantics copying
jpa-spec-32 : Support for javax.cache. Provided since very early javax.cache releases!
jpa-spec-35 : support for more types. DataNucleus has provided way more types since JPA1 days!
jpa-spec-41 : targetClass attribute for @Embedded. Provided in javax.persistence-2.2.jar
jpa-spec-42 : allow null embedded objects. Provided by extension
jpa-spec-48 : @CurrentUser on a field. Implemented using DN extension annotations
jpa-spec-49 : @CreateTimestamp, @UpdateTimestamp. Implemented using DN extension annotations
jpa-spec-52 : EM.createNativeQuery(String,Class). DN already works like that
jpa-spec-74 : Method of obtaining @Version value. Available via NucleusJPAHelper
jpa-spec-76 : Allow specification of null handling in ORDER BY. Provided in javax.persistence-2.2.jar for Criteria and also in JPQL string-based
jpa-spec-77 : EMF should implement AutoCloseable. Done
jpa-spec-81 : @Version Support for Temporal Types. Done
jpa-spec-85 : Metamodel methods to get entity by name. Provided in javax.persistence-2.2.jar
jpa-spec-86 : Allow multiple level inheritance strategy. Not explicitly done but we do this for JDO so likely mostly there
jpa-spec-100 : Allow an empty collection_valued_input_parameter in an "IN" expression. Already works like this
jpa-spec-102 : JPQL : DATE/TIME functions. Done, with Criteria changes provided in javax.persistence-2.2.jar
jpa-spec-103 : JPQL : Allow use of parameter in more than just WHERE/HAVING. Done
jpa-spec-105 : Allow AttributeConverter to multiple columns. Done but using vendor extension
jpa-spec-107 : JPQL : support subqueries in SELECT. Done
jpa-spec-108 : Path.get(PluralAttribute<X, C, E>) lower bound missing on X. Provided in javax.persistence-2.2.1.jar
jpa-spec-111 : Allow side-effect free check whether a named query is available. DN throws IllegalArgumentException and doesn't kill the current transaction.
jpa-spec-112 : EntityGraph generic type incorrect. Provided in javax.persistence-2.2.jar
jpa-spec-113 : Allow @GeneratedValue on non-PK fields. Provided since JPA 1
jpa-spec-128 : JPQL : Support JOIN on 2 root candidates. Done
jpa-spec-133 : Make GeneratedValue strategy=TABLE value available in PrePersist. Done
jpa-spec-137 : Add methods taking List to Criteria. Provided in javax.persistence-2.2.jar
jpa-spec-150 : Define requirement of using TransactionSynchronizationRegistry in EE environment. Present since DN v3.x
jpa-spec-151 : GenerationType.UUID. Provided in javax.persistence-2.2.jar. Supported since DN 2.x
jpa-spec-152 : Native support for UUID class. Supported since DN 2.x
jpa-spec-163 : Support for java.time.Instant. Supported since DN 4.x
jpa-spec-167 : preUpdate is fired and always has been.
jpa-spec-169 : root.get() does not add a join, and neither should it.
jpa-spec-171 : round() is included in javax.persistence-2.2.jar. Supported from DN 5.2.x.
jpa-spec-207 : Allow @Convert usage on id attributes. Supported since DN 4.x.
jpa-spec-237 : Auto-Quote database identifiers to avoid use of SQL keywords. Supported since DN 1.x.
jpa-spec-297 : Support for "SELECT ... AS identifier1, ... AS identifier2" in JPQL constructor expressions. Supported from DN 6.x
jpa-spec-316 : math functions in queries. Supported since a long time ago.
jpa-spec-326 : CriteriaBuilder avgDistinct,sumDistinct,minDistinct,maxDistinct. Supported from DN 6.x.


Support for DataNucleus persistence using the JPA API (JSR0220, JSR0317, JSR0338)







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