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Welcome to the tap-powerbi-metadata Singer Tap!

This Singer tap was created using the Meletano SDK for Taps.


pipx install git+


Accepted Config Options

  • client_id - The unique client ID for the Power BI tenant.
  • tenant_id - The unique identifier for the Power BI tenant.
  • username - Username to use in the flow.
  • password - Password to use in the auth flow.
  • start_date - Optional. Earliest date of data to stream.


  • A sample config file is available at .secrets/config.json.template

  • A full list of supported settings and capabilities for this tap is available by running:

    tap-powerbi-metadata --about

Source Authentication and Authorization

NOTE: Access to the Power BI REST API requires a service account (aka "Service Principal"), which must be created by someone with admin access to Azure Active Directory (AAD).

More information on this process is available under the Automation with service principals topic on

TODO: Test out this process of creating a new tenant and service principal for testing purposes and so users/developers won't have to run this in prod to know it works properly.


You can easily run tap-powerbi-metadata by itself or in a pipeline using Meltano.

Executing the Tap Directly

tap-powerbi-metadata --version
tap-powerbi-metadata --help
tap-powerbi-metadata --config CONFIG --discover > ./catalog.json

How to Contribute

See the SDK dev guide for more instructions on how to use the Singer SDK to develop your own taps and targets.

Upgrading the SDK Version

To upgrade the version of SDK being used, go to the Release History tab on the pypi repo for the SDK and copy the version number only

Then in the command prompt, while in the repo run the following, after replacing the version number with the one you copied

poetry add singer-sdk==0.2.0

Initialize your Development Environment

If you've not already installed Poetry:

pipx install poetry

To update your local virtual environment:

poetry install

Testing locally

Execute the tap locally with the poetry run prefix:

poetry run tap-powerbi-metadata --help

poetry run tap-powerbi-metadata --config=.secrets\config.json > Activity.jsonl
cat Activity.jsonl | target-csv
cat Activity.jsonl | target-snowflake --config=.secrets/target-config.json

Create and Run Tests

Create tests within the tap-powerbi-metadata/tests subfolder and then run:

poetry run pytest

You can also test the tap-powerbi-metadata CLI interface directly using poetry run:

poetry run tap-powerbi-metadata --help


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