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Rapid Prototyping

I do a lot of prototyping of ideas for web apps. I got tired of configuring new rails apps all of the time.

This is a great starting point which allows me to go straight into hacking features which make the idea unique. Like a boss.

Javascript libraries: jquery what else underscore and backbone. fucking love documentcloud's code.

For the views: haml, sass, compass with the html5 boilerplate 'framework' from paul irish ( )

For authentication: devise, cancan

For javascript / css assets: jammit. yui-compressor. motherfucking sprockets.

For testing: Rspec2 with Spork to speed that shit up Cucumber with capybara / webdriver FactoryGirl Autotest with Growl Notifications

If you're not running a Mac: ( Run bundle install --without development_mac )

For deployment: Vlad the Deployer. Come on now.

The Good Shit

Comes wired up with and Juggernaut ( ) for websockets style communication regardless of browser.

use Juggernaut.publish "channel_name", data from within the App and it will push data to that channel.

If you wish, a page automatically subscribes to channels based on the controller and action, and if it is an action which has a single resource... for example the show action on a given resource then it subscribes to a channel for that resource. This way you can target that specific resource's page for juggernaut updating.

To enable this, in your controller you would use:

enable_sockets_for :index, :show

def index
  # sockets will be enabled here

And then in your view, you will automatically subscribe to users_show, users_show_1 where 1 is the ID of the user you are viewing.

See application.js for how you can add functions to handle any data that comes over the socket.