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An application skeleton using express, mongoose, backbone.js,
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This is an example application skeleton which utilizes the following components:

node.js ( Tested with 0.2.5 )

html5 boilerplate

express ( Tested with 1.0.0 )
- ( Tested with 0.6.1 ) 

mongoose, an orm for mongodb ( tested with 0.0.3 )


redis, for pub/sub functionality with

underscore.js & backbone.js


Yeah, this shit is literally dripping with cool aid

I built out a few models, controllers, views etc just to see the power.

Any Questions: ( email or gchat )

current snapshopt of my npm libraries:

connect@0.3.0        =creationix =tjholowaychuk active installed latest remote
express@1.0.0        =tjholowaychuk active installed latest remote
haml@0.2.5           =creationix active installed latest remote
mongodb@0.7.9        =christkv active installed latest remote
mongoose@0.0.3       =nw =tmpvar active installed latest remote
node-static@0.5.2    =cloudhead active installed remote
npm@0.2.4-1          =isaacs active installed
redis-client@0.3.5   =justin active installed latest remote      =Tim-Smart =rauchg active installed latest remote
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