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This is a module for communicating with facebook's graph API from the command line.  We aim to incorporate the ability to post status updates, view friends profiles, add links, upload pictures, like or comment stories in a person's feed, respond to events, inbox messages, etc

It is still a work in progress. 

It includes a webrick server for handling callbacks from the facebook api.  In addition there is a reverse SSH Tunnel is included for allowing the Facebook API to make callbacks to a webrick server on your local box ( mainly just for using oAuth2 and getting an access key)  This option will require you to have access to an SSH box which has GatewayPorts enabled.  For more info on reverse ssh tunnels, check 'man ssh' and 'man sshd_config'.

NOTE:  For best results, put the tunnel configuration in a YAML file. 

rake generate_config 

If you are using this from a public facing box, you can disable the ssh tunnel.

TODO:  Demonstrate configuration options of the client, command line args / yaml config file

Still left to do:
0) Find a good way to run one server for the whole test suite...
1) use nokogiri / mechanize to automate authorizing this application on your facebook profile ( just supply your login )
2) automate handshaking with the graph api to get authorization credentials, store those credentials in your user environment for use in subsequent requests
3) build out the various functions for communicating with the API

( The end goal is for to have a single command line interface for facebook, twitter, and gmail, installable as a ruby gem.  If you are going to be using these distractions, might as well do it in the least distracting way possible: from the command line. )