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Deactivate, for now, ONNX export test. Cf #61

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ocourtin committed May 4, 2019
1 parent 09eb01f commit 3e0593d92c17d08490e16c3faccbe6e1ec8c2559
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@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ it_train:
@echo "==================================================================================="
@rsp export --checkpoint it/pth/checkpoint-00003.pth --type jit it/pth/export.jit
@rsp export --checkpoint it/pth/checkpoint-00003.pth --type onnx it/pth/export.onnx
#@rsp export --checkpoint it/pth/checkpoint-00003.pth --type onnx it/pth/export.onnx
@rsp predict --config config.toml --bs 4 --checkpoint it/pth/checkpoint-00003.pth it/prediction it/prediction/masks
@rsp compare --images it/prediction/images it/prediction/labels it/prediction/masks --mode stack --labels it/prediction/labels --masks it/prediction/masks it/prediction/compare
@rsp compare --images it/prediction/images it/prediction/compare --mode side it/prediction/compare_side

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