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SQL Community Presentations

This is a centralized repo for SQL Server presentations from the SQL Server Community Collaborative.

Please feel free to add your own presentations and use lower case and use a dash instead of spaces. This follows the format of weblinks.

  • author-name\presentation-name.pptx
  • author-name\

Once you have uploaded your presentation, and optionally, code, please update this index in alphabetical order. Use the raw links so that the presentation downloads directly to the browser.

Session Title Speaker(s) Slides Scripts Videos
Always Encrypted Introduction Justin Dearing Slides Code
Backups, Restores and dbatools Stuart Moore Slides Code Video
dbatools is magic Chrissy LeMaire Slides Code
PowerShell 10 Year Anniversary Aaron Nelson, Chrissy LeMaire Slides Video
PowerShell, CSV and SQL Server: My Journey to 200k Rows/Second Chrissy LeMaire Slides Code Video
Simplifying SQL Server Migrations using PowerShell Chrissy LeMaire Slides Code
State of PowerShell  Aaron Nelson, Chrissy LeMaire, Rob Sewell Slides   Video
Powershell SQL Server Modern Database Administration - Utrecht Chrissy LeMaire, Rob Sewell Slides Code
Contributing to Open Source Projects Chrissy LeMaire Slides Video
dbatools - SQL Server and PowerShell together Cláudio Silva, Rob Sewell Slides Code
Administrating SQL Server with PowerShell dbatools Rob Sewell Slides Code
Scripting SQL Server Administration with dbatools Friedrich Weinmann Slides Code / Code Extras
The wonders of modern SQL administration Kirill Kravtsov Slides Code
Database cloning Kirill Kravtsov Slides Code
Using Dbatools To Automate Deployments Joshua Corrick Slides Code
5 Dbatools cmdlets you can use today Joshua Corrick Slides Code


Presentation Repository for SQL Server / PowerShell Presentations within the Community







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