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dbaclone?! What is that?

dbaclone is a PowerShell module dedicated to the provisioning of databases using virtual disk technology. Why use this module?

Provisioning databases from our production servers has been a pain since the dawn of the DBA.

Nowadays we鈥檙e dealing with databases that are terabytes in size and some of even work with databases that stretch the imagination for the most of us.

You want to have a tool that enables you to create an image of your database and clone your image to one or more servers in a matter of minutes. Not only to speed up your work, but also use less disk space per clone, ~300MB. The only limit is that your database has to fit within 64TB.

Create multiple clones of the same image on the same SQL Server instance and test your changes with a precision you never thought of before.

Instead of spending hours or maybe days provisioning databases to all your developers and/or servers you can now create isolated copies of your databases with ease.

How to start

You can start by downloading the module and read the documentation how to manage the module.