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UCLA DataRes

We are UCLA's premier data science and machine learning organization. We work on problems ranging from data analysis to deep and reinforcement learning.

👋 Hello! Welcome to DataRes

At DataRes, we solve problems and craft stories with data.

We provide a platform for aspiring data scientists and analysts to collaborate on impactful data projects. If you love playing with data, creating powerful visualizations, or building predictive models, you have a home at DataRes.

What teams does DataRes have?

  • Data Blog Team - This team works on simpler analytics based projects and publishes a variety of data centric journal articles
  • Research Team - This team tackles advanced machine learning problems in the areas of computer vision, natural language processing, and reinforcement learning.
  • Consulting Team - This team offers pro bono consulting services to startups and companies in the Los Angeles area

How can I stay up to date with events/projects happening at DataRes?

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Popular repositories

  1. neodgl Public

    semi supervised node classification on neo4j database

    Jupyter Notebook 19 4

  2. Predicts a ticker's stock price at time t+1.

    Jupyter Notebook 8 7

  3. 4castr Public

    Python 7 6

  4. Jupyter Notebook 5 4

  5. RLette Public

    An AI that plays roulette.

    Python 4 4

  6. website Public

    Official DataRes Website

    JavaScript 3


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