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Codeship Status for datascience/photohawk

Photohawk is a pure Java implementation of the following image comparison algorithms:

  • Absolute error
  • Equals
  • Mean absolute error
  • Mean squared error
  • Peak absolute error
  • Structured similarity metric

Additionally photohawk can be used as a command line app and it packages the implementation as a Taverna plugin for use in a Taverna workflow.

Command line


To build the library and plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Go into the repository folder
  3. Build the project using maven
mvn package

This will create the jar files photohawk-commandline-VERSION.jar and photohawk-commandline-VERSION-jar-with-dependencies.jar in the target folder photohawk-commandline/target. 4. Run the jar with java -jar photohawk-commandline/target/photohawk-commandline-VERSION-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Taverna plugin


To build the library and plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Go into the repository folder
  3. Build the project using maven
mvn deploy

This will deploy the built packages to /tmp/photohawk and /tmp/photohawk-SNAPSHOT respectively. Alternatively override the distributionManagement in your settings.xml. 4. Update the photohawk-repository and photohawk-snapshot-repository in the photohawk-plugin-VERSION.xml to point to your repository 5. Copy the deployed artefacts your repository

Note that a hosted version is currently available at

Install the Taverna plugin

  1. Open Taverna
  2. Add the plugin site
    1. Open Menu -> Advanced -> Updates and plugins -> Find new plugins -> Add update site
    2. Choose a site name
    3. Enter the site URL or
  3. Install the plugin
    1. Tick the checkbox next to Photohawk Taverna plugin
    2. Click Install
  4. Restart Taverna

Set up the development environment

  1. Install Eclipse
  2. Install Maven 3
  3. Install the m2eclipse plugin
  4. Create a new workspace
  5. Import the projects
    1. Open File -> Import... -> Existing Maven Projects
    2. Select the repository as Root Directory
    3. Select all projects
    4. Click Finish

Code formatter & checkstyle

  1. Install the checkstyle plugin
  2. Set up the code formatter
    1. Open Window -> Preferences
    2. Open Java -> Code style -> Formatter
    3. Click Import... and select the file code-style/eclipse_formatter.xml
  3. Set up checktyle
    1. Open Window -> Preferences
    2. Open Checkstyle
    3. Select New... -> External configuration and select code-style/checkstyle.xml
    4. Activate the checkstyle plugin for all projects

Debug within eclipse

Right click photohawk-activity-ui/src/test/java/ and select Debug as -> Java Application.

For further information check Testing the service in Taverna of the Taverna tutorial Creating plugins for Taverna 2.

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