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The toolspec allows describing tools and operations in a machine readable format. It can be used to generate artefacts using the Toolwrapper and to execute a tool on a Hadoop cluster. The Photohawk toolspect defines operations for each supported algorithm. The component spec defines additional information and post-processing steps to bundle the operations as Taverna components.


The Toolwrapper uses the toolspec (and optionally the component spec) to generate artefacts for each operation:

  1. Wrapper scripts allow simplified invocation from the command line
  2. Taverna workflows allow combining tools using a graphical interface and executing them with the Taverna execution engine
  3. Components - enriched workflows - allow easy discovery, composition and execution
  4. Debian packages allow simple installation

Further the Toolwrapper supports publishing the generated components to the workflow sharing platform myExperiment.

Generating the artefacts

  1. Install the toolwrapper according to the installation instructions
  2. Generate the wrapper scripts and workflows using
     toolwrapper-bash-generator/bin/generate.sh -t digital-preservation-qaobject-image-photohawk-changedetection.xml -c digital-preservation-qaobject-image-photohawk-changedetection.component -o out
  3. Copy the photohawk-commandline jar photohawk-commandline-0.0.3-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar into out/install
  4. Generate the debian package containing the artefacts
     toolwrapper-bash-debian-generator/bin/generate.sh -t digital-preservation-qaobject-image-photohawk-changedetection.xml -o debian -i out/ -ch digital-preservation-qaobject-image-photohawk-changedetection.changelog -e maintainer@organistaion.com -d digital-preservation-qaobject-image-photohawk-changedetection -a -desc "Pure Java image comparison"


The Tool-to-MapReduce Wrapper can be used as a simple way to execute photohawk on a Hadoop cluster.

The input file specifies the toolspec and operation as well as necessary parameters for the execution, one line per invocation. For example, to run SSIM on a two images, create a file input.txt with the name of the toolspec digital-preservation-qa-image-photohawk-changedetection, the name of the SSIM operation digital-preservation-qaobject-image-photohawk-ssim and the input parameters leftimage and rightimage.

digital-preservation-qa-image-photohawk-changedetection digital-preservation-qaobject-image-photohawk-ssim --leftimage="hdfs:///user/you/input/image1.dng" --rightimage="hdfs:///user/you/input/image1.tiff"

In order to execute the job call

hadoop jar tomar-1.4.2-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar -i input.txt -r hdfs:///user/you/toolspecs

Note that the toolspec and input files must be stored on hdfs.