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[Note: I'm adding this section due to the overwhelming amount of input from new Pull Requests that involve great materials that are slightly off-topic. They need a home, and that home is here. Please help make this better!]

Data Science Specializations & Use Cases

Machine Learning


  • mlpy Machine Learning Python
  • Machine Learning Toolkit MILK
  • MDP a collection of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms
  • pyBrain modular Machine Learning Library for Python
  • Caffe framework for convolutional neural network algorithms
  • Nolearn framework wrapping scikit neural networks
  • OverFeat Convolutional Network-based image features extractor and classifier
  • Hebel GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning Library in Python
  • neurolab simple and powerful Neural Network Library for Python. Contains based neural networks, train algorithms and flexible framework to create and explore other networks
  • Pylearn2 and Theano deep learning libraries

Deep Learning

Wikipedia Definition

Web Scraping & Crawling


Social Network Analysis

Data Journalism

Data Journalism and Data-driven Journalism involve investigation of journalistic stories by way of data perspectives and statistical methods.

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