"branding guidelines" for Datascope. How do we make our communications fully represent how awesome we actually are?
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Welcome, weary traveller.

Go to the full guide here >>

What is this thing?

This is a respository to help you represent Datascope well graphically, verbally, and otherwise. It might be called a branding guide or branding guidelines in other circles, but I kinda feel like a douchebag when I use the word "brand" too much.

OK, so it’s a branding guide. Isn’t branding kinda bullshit?

A lot of people think of branding as the art of finding the right combination of language, colors, and graphics to brainwash the ignorant masses into buying something. For some companies, that may actually be the case.

For Datascope, it’s my sincere belief that we don’t need to misrepresent what we’re selling. We do really cool, valuable work and we’re fun to work with. All we need is for that to come across when we communicate with people.

This guide is meant to help us better articulate who we honestly are as a company— nothing more, and nothing less.

Cool. How do I use this?

Give it a read through at least once to get the whole idea. When you’re producing external communications for Datascope (or hiring someone else to), refer back to it for reference before shooting your blog post, website, or whatever into the intertubes.

Who made this?

Datascopers did. Specifically, the Marketing Doodie, led by the great Brian Lange. Partly because Brian thinks brand design is fun, and partly because we felt something meant to represent the company should come from inside the company.

So rest easy knowing you’re not slogging through some 300-slide, mostly copy-pasted porker of a PowerPoint deck. We’ll keep it pithy, fun, and useful.

It’s also worth mentioning that this should be a living document. If you have questions, or things you think are missing or wrong, bring it up and propose edits.

Quick Reference

once there are things to reference, they’ll go here