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Battle tested reusable modules for Salesforce
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Libshare is a set of reusable modules inspired by years of developing Salesforce apps for enterprises. It is released as managed package so that you can use without having to worry about managing the code yourself in the org. However you are free to just use the code as is.

It is licensed under Apache License 2.0.


This package provides following modules.

  • Settings: Reusable application settings store and easy to use API to interact with it
  • Fluent Asserts: Fluent asserts inspired of Java worlds Assertj
  • Stopwatch: Convenient way to log overall time, keep track of time spent in each method, and limits used in each method
  • JsonMapper: Higher level abstractions to read and create json content
  • Utils: Asorted time saving utilities
  • Logger: Convenience wrapper for System.debug with support for logger name
  • App Logger: Save log statements into a well thought out App Log object with support for storing log content upto 56k chars
  • App Tasks: Framework to process for your Queueable Jobs, and keep track of what happens to those tasks.
  • Http Client: Unitrest inspired easy to use and feature rich Http Client with support for attachments, oauth, custom headers, default params, url and body params etc.,
  • Flexible Http Callout Mock: Http Callout Mock to simplify your http related testing


Libshare Salesforce package namespace is lib


For more information, please see the documentation.

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